Pursuit of the thorough customer satisfaction Continual production for cold forging to precision machining ”Challenge to development” and steady innovation 高い技術力による信頼性の高い品質

Small and medium-sized companies are required for the technical innovation to improve productivity from now on.
We have obtained a large number of patents in the continuous production system for cold forging and precision machining and grown with the high technology.
Currently we utilize metal forming process simulation by the newest analysis technology and improve the structure of proper process, the test production time and the mold life.
Besides we are going forward the research development of the weight saving of parts using the analysis technology from our own standpoint.
We keep challenging in manufacturing which the customers can trust, with top priority on improving quality and productivity.
We are designated "SAINOKUNI factory" and also "Supporting company for young people", "Supporting company for graduates" and "Management innovation company".

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April 13 2017
Received a letter of appreciation by Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

February 27 2017
Exhibited at the 9th national business meeting

February 1-2 2017
Exhibited at Sainokuni Business Arena 2017

January 24-25 2017
Exhibited at the Gunma J-GoodTech business meeting

July 7-8 2016
Exhibited at Toyota Motor exhibition business meeting

May 18 2016
Exhibited at Keihin Technology Exhibition

February 9 2016
Honda Institute of Technology "General R & D Center" Exhibited at Technology Exhibition